Chakra Essence Set
Chakra Essence Set
Chakra Essence Set
Chakra Essence Set

Chakra Essence Set

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Our complete Chakra Essence sets contain one of each ten Chakra Essences and are packaged in an attractive card presentation box.

Rebalance your chakras with the ten Essences in this range. The Chakra Essence set is designed to help you to open and balance a specific chakra and to release and work with the thoughts, emotions & energies related to that chakra.

They are available as a 10ml set or a 25ml set and come with an information leaflet.

These essences are handmade with love and care by the renowned Crystal Herbs company of the United Kingdom.

This is a special item which is ordered on demand. Price includes shipping with tracking from the UK.

Inside the Chakra Essence set:

The Feet Chakras Essence
Connection to Mother Earth
The Feet Chakras facilitate communication and connection with the energy grids of mother earth.

Base Chakra Essence
A fully functioning Base Chakra is a vital component in both a stable energetic system and physical wellbeing.

Sacral Chakra Essence
Creativity, Sexuality & Emotions
A balanced Sacral Chakra provides the foundation for emotional wellbeing and fulfilling relationships.

Solar Plexus Chakra Essence
Boundaries, Self Worth & Emotions
A balanced Solar Plexus Chakra provides the foundation for positive personal power and healthy energetic boundaries.

Heart Chakra Essence 
Unconditional Love
A balanced Heart Chakra opens the doorway to the experience of unconditional love & unity consciousness.

Higher Heart Chakra Essence 
Forgiveness & Compassion
A balanced Higher Heart Chakra is the gateway to forgiveness and the Sacred Heart.

Throat Chakra Essence
Self Expression
A balanced Throat Chakra is important for both inner and outer communication.

Brow Chakra Essence

Intuition & Inner Knowing
A balanced Brow Chakra is the window to higher consciousness. 

Crown Chakra Essence
Spiritual Connection
The Crown Chakra Essence The Crown Chakra is our link to dimensions of reality beyond the material plane.

Higher Chakras Essence
Universal Connection
Use to support inner exploration of the potential available to us through awareness of the dimensions of existence that these chakra points provide access to. Will assist in the reception of guidance from the soul and higher self.

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