About Us

Everything is energy, so what do you choose for your vibe?

Each spiritually-charged item in our store is selected for its potential to raise your vibration.

Basking In Light was started in 2015 by lightworker and spiritual intuitive, Kate Barton, and is dedicated to sharing positive tools and resources with customers and our online community.

We bring you the best in mindful treasures for home, body and soul so you can raise your vibration and help others to do so also.

  • Tibetan products including Sing Bowls, Ting Sha Cymbals, Prayer Flags
  • Buddhist jewellery including the famous handmade lucky knots bracelets made by monks
  • Organic essential oils and pure oil blends from Australian brand Gumleaf Essentials
  • Metaphysical books, oracle and tarot cards including Hay House titles
  • Meditation tools, crystal items and products for chakra balancing
  • Flower and gem essences from Crystal Herbs UK

Once you're done shopping be sure to visit the Learning Lounge for free tools and great ideas for feeding your spirit.  And if you want to keep the spirited vibe going follow our Facebook page and connect with the like-minded community.


About Kate Barton, Founder – Basking In Light

Kate Barton is a lightworker, spiritual intuitive and proud owner of Basking In Light and Both businesses bring mindfulness and wellbeing products from across the globe into the homes of every day Australians. When she isn't working with her online communities Kate reads metaphysical subjects and spends time outdoors with her family. Kate holds a Diploma of Ritual & Celebrancy (Nature Care College, NSW) and Certificate in Aromatherapy Consultancy (Nature Care College, NSW).