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Six Awesome Tibetan Gift Ideas for Dad

This is the ultimate gift guide for dads who are:

  • adventurous

  • spiritually inquisitive

  • self-proclaimed citizens-of-the-world

If that describes the intended recipient of a Fathers Day Gift from you this year then you have to check out our gift guide "Six Awesome Tibetan Gift Ideas for Fathers Day". 

I’ve used my brother Brian as the inspiration for this gift guide. Brian is a 35 year old shamanic practitioner who’s still a big kid at heart, and I have a feeling he will be receiving some of these goodies very soon!


1. Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags

Tibetan Prayer Flags symbolize hope for peace, safety and happiness

These beautiful Tibetan Prayer Flags can be hung indoors or oudoors and are traditionally hung in multiples. So if he has the space and you have the budget buy multiple flag sets (each set comes with ten flags).


2. Tibetan Medicinal & Spiritual Incense

Traditional Tibetan Incense for Energy Clearing & Balancing

This is a traditional spiritual & medicinal incense (ie. not for aromatherapy purposes) from Tibet Nyemo County and is intended to be used for balancing the energy in one’s surroundings. 100% Natural spices made to a guarded ancient formula.


3. Authentic Tibetan Singing Bowl

Meditative, decorative and work of art

Singing bowls are healing and meditation tools used for centuries throughout Buddhist traditions. Striking the side of the bowl or applying friction to the rim of the bowl produces exquisite sounds that almost reaches right into your soul. This one is handhammered from copper and made in Nepal.


4. Stainless Steel Tibetan Prayer Wheel Necklace

Sturdy, solid stainless steel necklace for goodluck and happiness

This exquisite mini Tibetan Prayer Wheel pendant rotates smoothly to open into 3 pieces. The interior is designed to hold a tiny prayer or you can add your own or another small valuable item. Engraved on the surface is a Tibetan mantra for good luck and happiness.


5. Handmade Tibetan Lucky Knots Rope Bracelet

Handmade by Tibetan monks and blessed whilst reciting their daily mantras

Each Tibetan ‘lucky knots’ bracelet take 30 to 50 minutes each to make by Tibetan Buddhist monks and they have a lot of good energy behind them. Lucky Knots bracelets invite good luck for the wearer and encourage Universal acceptance and unity in the wearer’s experience.


6. Tibetan Tingsha Cymbal Bell Chimes

Perfect gift if he’s into meditation, yoga, Reiki, or spiritual practice in any form

This beautiful pair of Tibetan Tingsha cymbals (also known as Ting-Sha, Tibetan Chimes, Tibetan Cymbals) are handmade in Nepal from copper. Decorated with the Tibetan Buddhist mantra ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ which is said to hold all the teachings of the Buddha within them. Reciting or viewing this mantra is said to invoke compassion.


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