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Vibrational Essences 101: Basking In Light Guide to our Flower, Gem and Crystal Essences

What are Flower Essences / Crystal Essences / Gem Essences?
What do they do?
How do they work?
How are they made?
What essences are available?

How do I choose an essence?


What are Flower Essences / Crystal Essences / Gem Essences?

Flower, Gem and Crystal Essences are suitable for anyone seeking emotional, energetic and spiritual balance in their life.

Vibrational healing is also known as energy healing or energy medicine, and is a group of complementary healing therapies that includes modalities such as Reiki and homeopathy.

When you work with an essence you are using the unique and beautiful energies of a particular flower, gem, crystal, mineral or geometric shape. These energies provide a positive balancing force which, gently and naturally, helps to release old emotions, thoughts and attitudes that no longer serve you.

Essences are usually taken orally as drops or sprayed on the auric field.

Basking In Light’s Flower, Gem and Crystal Essences are produced by the renowned Crystal Herbs company in England, a member of the British Association of Flower Essence Producers (BAFEP) and thirty-year veterans in the production of vibrational essences. 

From the production, storage and packaging of our essences, each step is undertaken with love and care thus ensuring you receive the purest essence possible.

What are Flower Essences and other Vibrational Essences used for?

Flower, gem and crystal essences (known collectively as vibrational essences) are a wonderful natural resource that can benefit anyone. They work on an energetic level to help you re-balance your thoughts, feelings and subtle energy systems.

Vibrational essences can be powerful tools for inner change and transformation, and can also have a profound influence on your inner journey and spiritual growth.

They can help you to uncover and release the buried emotions and thought patterns unconsciously affecting your responses to life, and help you to raise your level of spiritual awareness and consciousness.

How Crystal Herbs make their Vibrational Essences

Essentially, Flower Essences and Gem/ Crystal Essences are made by transferring the energy or vibrational frequency of a flower, gem or crystal into water.

The combinations / information for creating Crystal Herbs’ vibrational essences is arrived at through a process of co-creation with the Ascended Realms, Devas, Nature Spirits, the Angelic Kingdom and own Higher Selves.

Each essence is handmade with love, care and conscious intent throughout the entire production process - from the growing of the flowers to even the bottling and labelling of the essences.

The flowers used in the essences are either cultivated in Crystal Herbs’ own organic garden, or are sourced from the wild where they can be sustainably harvested and away from environmental and energetic pollution (for example, away from powerlines, roads etc.).

The Mother Tincture is the first stage of the process and is prepared by hand in locations that are in the depths of nature, away from the busy pace of everyday life and its related pollution.

Firstly, each Flower, Gem, Crystal or Mineral is placed in pure water in a thin glass bowl and left in full morning sunshine for three hours.

Using the natural power of the four elements - Earth, Air, Fire and Water - the life force or energy of the flower or mineral used is transferred to the water.

This unique positive energy is then preserved in organic brandy, creating a mother tincture, which is then amplified using crystals, pyramids and the natural elements under guidance. No physical part of the flower or mineral is used in the mother tincture - it is purely the vibrational frequency or energy.

The people entrusted with preparing the Mother Tincture have a love and understanding for the essences and their energies.

Finally, once our essences arrive in Sydney they continue to be stored, handled and packed with loving intent and care.

Who can use vibrational essences?

The use of Vibrational Essences is rooted in a tradition that recognises unity as a fundamental truth of life and energy (vibration) as the building block.

Using Essences encourages a process of inner growth and transformation that can help you to awaken to a new understanding of yourself.

Essences can be used by anyone experiencing a lack of wellbeing - this can be on an energetic, emotional, mental or spiritual level. Essences can also transform inner conditions holding you back that you aren’t even aware of, such as deeply held life patterns and blocks in your energy system.

The positive natural energies encapsulated within the essences promote harmony, balance and wholeness through all levels of your being, encouraging you to move beyond your limitations discover your true potential.

From individuals just beginning to explore Essences and Essence therapy, through to advanced practitioners and therapists, vibrational essences can be used by anyone. As a standalone therapy Essences can be used very successfully, or they can be combined with other type of complementary therapies, for example Reiki, healing, kinesiology, homoeopathy, bodywork and counselling, among many others.

How do Vibrational Essences work?

Essences work with you on an energetic level yet through all layers of your being – mentally, emotionally, spiritually. They help:

  • balance core emotions and thought patterns
  • open up channels of spiritual wisdom
  • rebalance your body’s chakra and subtle energy systems

Using vibrational essences creates change at causal level, enabling harmony within your emotions, mind and spirit and bringing you closer to your authentic self.

What should I expect when I start taking essences?

Sometimes when you take an essence you will find an immediate effect and experience a shift. Other times though it can feel more like an unfolding journey taken over a longer period of time, as the old patterns are uncovered and dissolved.

The time it takes for an Essence to work can vary considerably from person to person and moment to moment – it depends on how sensitive you are to the essences at that time and how deeply ingrained the issue, pattern or state is.

Essence therapy can sometimes be a very calm and graceful process, with a gradual and subtle rebalance occurring. Yet at other times the process may be quite emotional for you as you experience more profound and deeper changes happening; this is a good sign of the essence shifting through the old patterns, energies and issues that need to be cleared and released.

How do I choose which Essence to take?

Most of the time choosing an essence is a simple process of self-reflection and observation.

Questions such as:

“What is going on for me? How am I thinking and feeling? What emotions do I need help with? Where are the energetic blocks within me?”

will help you uncover the aspects of yourself needing the most attention.

Working in this way you are connecting with the aspects of yourself that most need attention. From this point of self awareness, a helpful Essence can be chosen rationally or intuitively or a combination of both methods.

Basking In Light’s range of flower essences, gem and crystal essences

Pure Vibrations Essence SpraysFor instant energetic support

Chakra Essence Set: For opening and balancing specific chakras

Karmic Essence Set: Powerful and deep acting flower essences. Promotes swift release of unconscious belief patterns holding you back

Divine Harmony Essence SetDeep acting Flower, Gem and Crystal Essence combinations. Helps facilitate inner change that is gentle, effective and life enhancing.

Angel Essence SetActs as a bridge builder to the Angelic realms. Provides a link to their web of light and higher consciousness.

Archangels and Ascended Master Essence SetHelps you connect with the energies of a specific Archangel or Ascended Master for inspiration, help or guidance. Can facilitate a deep inner transformation and connection.

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