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Palmistry 101: What does your hand say about your personality? Try this quick trick on family and friends

Palmistry (aka Chiromancy) is an ancient form of fortune telling based on the idea that your strengths, habits and personality can affect the look and feel of your hands.

The life line, head line and heart line are the major lines of interest in palmistry, and although they can be seen in a developing foetus as early as four months in-utero, these lines will continue to develop and change as one gets older.

An adept chiromancer (palm reader) will not just study the head, heart and life lines but also nuanced details such as the mounds of the palms, spacing between fingers, texture and lines of skin or even any hair that may be present. 

However, in order to awe your friends with your palm reading skills you really don’t need to go so deep! There are still lots of interesting indications that can be uncovered merely by looking at the shape of the fingers and hands.

Why don’t you check this list against the hands of your family and friends (as well as your own) and see how close to the mark they are.  

What the shape of your hands say about you

  • Long palms and short fingers suggest an impulsive personality type. The smaller the hand the more impulsive the personality.
  • Long palms and long fingers suggest a capacity attention to detail
  • Short palms and long fingers suggest a high attention to detail which verges on obsessive
  • A long hand together with a thumb that curves back at the tip denotes a creative person
  • A square-shaped palm with fingers evenly set apart shows a person who is level-headed and practical
  • A rectangular / square palm with long, bony fingers suggests a philosophic / deep thinking personality type
  • Psychic tendencies are denoted by narrow, delicate fingers on a round hand
  • Smaller hands are often soft suggesting the person is not engaged in hard physical work but employed in a more in a mentally active
  • Large hands that are firm imply a straightforward, active and to-the-point personality type.
  • Large hands with soft palms suggests an element of laziness and procrastination.

So what do you think? Did any of these traits and suggestions ring true for you?

If you'd like to really learn how to read palms like a professional, check out the Palmistry at Your Fingertips book and card learning system - it's everything you need to know in the one place for chiromancy.

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