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Goddess Power Unleashed: how to find and cultivate your Goddess energy


"I have called on the Goddess and found her within myself"

- Marion Zimmer Bradley


What is Goddess energy?

Within each of us is the Divine feminine energy that is Goddess energy. It is one half of the whole and counterbalanced by Divine masculine energy.

Divine feminine energy is represented by yin, Gaia, mother nature, the moon (and other forms) and is linked to the element of water.

We all have Divine feminine and masculine energy and apply those energies at different stages.


What unclaimed Goddess power looks like

Feeling disempowered amongst masculine energy is a tell-tale sign of unclaimed Goddess power. This can be manifested as needless apologising or viewing a feminine attribute as a disability.

Finding and claiming your inner Goddess power brings freedom from this.


How to find your Goddess energy

If you have ever felt truly comfortable in your own skin, experienced a heightened connection to mother nature, or felt love for people you didn’t even know – you have met your inner Goddess. 

So how can you meet your inner Goddess more often?

Do more of what makes you feel love and acceptance for yourself

Do the people around you make you feel good about yourself? What is your self-talk like? Have you got time carved out for self-care? 

Spend some sacred time in nature

Feeling a strong connection to mother nature needs quality time spent with Her. What makes this time sacred is your intention and attention.

Practise unconditional love

Cultivating Goddess energy is a practice in the art of unconditional love. You can practise this by meditating on the thought that all beings are different expressions of the One, and by holding a loving intention for all without wanting anything in return.


Athena Perrakis Ph. D. has published The Book of Rituals and Blessings which has a lovely invocation for becoming the Mother, amongst a wealth of rituals and blessings for bringing sacredness into every day life.

When do you know for sure you are using your Goddess power? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • For me what stands out is: “within each of us stands divine feminine energy…” It is this energy that everyone has the ability to embrace, to bring into balance-no matter one’s gender or sexual orientation.
    Utilising divine feminine energy is empowering and invigorating. It helps us nourish our souls, to engage in wonder and embrace the mysterious. It helps us discover the Great Mother in all living things. Creation is born through the divine feminine. Blessed Be.

    Jane Siddall

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