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Basking In Light expands range of flower, gem and crystal essence products

Proudly offering exceptional vibrational essences for today’s holistic needs

Australian online holistic retailer, Basking In Light, today announce the availability of their expanded range of vibrational essences for the national market place.


Expanding from just a single range of essences to now nine specialised collections, Basking In Light’s offering of flower, gem and crystal essences (known collectively as vibrational essences) provide a natural remedy for anyone seeking emotional, energetic and spiritual balance in their life.

Leveraging the experience of industry veterans Crystal Herbs Ltd, a UK essence producer with nearly thirty years experience, Basking In Light’s offering of vibrational essences are of the highest quality and made conscientiously according the principles of energy medicine.

Basking In Light’s owner and founder, Kate Barton, explains more about vibrational essences and the role that Energy plays in their creation.

“Vibrational Essences is a therapy which is rooted in the awareness that energy (vibration) is the building block of life.

The essences are made by transferring the vibrational frequency of flower, gem or crystal into water which is then either ingested or sprayed into the auric field.

Although specific essences help you balance certain ‘ailments’ if you will, for example: to feel less fearful, be more receptive to abundance, letting go of resentment etc., using essences also encourage a process of inner growth and transformation, one that opens you up to a new understanding of yourself and the world you live in,” Barton said.

From a practical standpoint, when it comes to the manufacture of their vibrational essences, Crystal Herbs hand makes every bottle of essence with love and intention through each step of the process, from the growing of the flowers to even the bottling and labelling of the essences.

The flowers used in the essences are either cultivated in Crystal Herbs’ own organic garden, or are sourced from the wild where they can be sustainably harvested and away from environmental and energetic pollution (for example, away from powerlines, roads etc.).

When it comes to making the the Mother Tincture, this is done in locations that are in the depths of nature, away from the busy pace of everyday life and its related pollution, and by people who have a love and understanding of the essences and their energies.

What is left, at the end of the process, is an exceptional vibrational essence which has retained the positive, unique energies of the item it was created from.

Basking In Light's range of flower, gem and crystal essences include:

Pure Vibrations Essence SpraysFor instant energetic support

Chakra Essence Set: For opening and balancing specific chakras

Karmic Essence Set: Powerful and deep acting flower essences. Promotes swift release of unconscious belief patterns holding you back

Divine Harmony Essence SetDeep acting Flower, Gem and Crystal Essence combinations. Helps facilitate inner change that is gentle, effective and life enhancing.

Angel Essence SetActs as a bridge builder to the Angelic realms. Provides a link to their web of light and higher consciousness.

Archangels and Ascended Master Essence SetTo help connect with the energies of a specific Archangel or Ascended Master for inspiration, help or guidance. Can facilitate a deep inner transformation and connection.


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