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5 Signs from the Universe that Say You’re On the Right Path

As you move through life the Universe will tell you by its flow whether you're on the right path or not.

The wrong path is littered with hiccups and missteps. The right path however has an unmistakeable ease about it.

When you're on the wrong path the Universe tries to correct it

As the Universe attempts to steer you from the wrong path onto the right one, things will often seem to go wrong more often as the adjustments are made. This can feel like chaos.

Effectively you are swimming against the tide so of course your experience will be one of struggle.

If ‘things always seem to be going wrong’ for you take a step back and try to study the situation through fresh eyes.

Remember we always have the choice to learn through pain or learn through joy, so there is another option available if you look for it.

What the right path feels like

When you are on the right path (the Divine path) things just seem easier and more enjoyable.

Most of us have experienced a moment in time where everything seemed to be lined up in our favour. This exciting situation is Universal alignment in action and if you want to keep a look out for it here are 'signs from above' that often accompany it:

Five Signs From The Universe That You're On The Right Path

1. You see the number 1111 A LOT and EVERYWHERE.

1111 is an angel number and represents synchronicity and instant manifestation. So keep your thoughts positive and your energy high.

2. You get unusually smooth runs with your usual activities (think green traffic lights all the way, trains arriving as you step onto the platform, receiving what you need before you even ask).

This cycle doesn’t last for long, but when it happens go with the flow and enjoy the ride – you can certainly get a lot done when you do.

3. You start seeing angelic figures in clouds or white feathers in front of your feet.

This is a wink from your Angels to let you know you are acknowledged and supported by the angelic realm, and to encourage you to keep moving forward.

4. You witness uncanny coincidences that make you feel awestruck (not fearful).

These sorts of coincidences are manifestations of synchronicity, which is like a cosmic dance that occurs when ‘all the planets are aligned’ and everything is pulsating to the same beat.

5. You run into people unexpectedly after they pop into your head

This occurs when you are on the right path because you are are more intuitive than usual. It is also another calling card of synchronicity at play.  

What if you’re on the wrong path and need help shifting your direction?

We all need a little help sometimes and the following tools can be helpful. But I always encourage meditation and self-reflection as the first point of call.

The Book of Blessings and Rituals, by Athena Perrakis is a great resource for helping you set your direction and manifest the changes you want to see.


Ask and It Is Given Card Deck by Abraham Hicks is purposely created to help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Very empowering!


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