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Rose Quartz Crystal Pendulum Dowsing Pendulum or Pendant

Rose Quartz Crystal Pendulum Dowsing Pendulum or Pendant

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Beautiful natural stone Rose Quartz crystal pendant dowsing pendulums

These popular Rose Quartz crystal pendulums are very well priced, good quality natural crystals and beautifully crafted.

They make a great gift or spoil yourself!

Rose Quartz corresponds with the heart chakra and is often the crystal of choice for matters to do with love (including loving oneself).

The crystal pendant also makes a stunning necklace. If you want to change things up a bit, detach the pendant from the pendulum chain and attach it to a necklace chain.

2 Options for Chains: Clear Quartz or  7 Crystal chain

Using Your Crystal Pendulum

Pendulums can be an amazing source of insight. Your crystal pendulum can be used to receive a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to a specific question you may have. 

When you first receive your pendulum you need to program the yes or no response.

To do this, put one elbow on the table let the pendulum dangle from your fingers. Ask a simple question that you know the answer to be true (e.g. if your name is Mary, ask “Is my name Mary?”). Remembering the answer is already a ‘Yes’, see which way the pendulum is swinging. Clockwise, back and forth, anti-clockwise; whichever way the pendulum is swinging is your ‘Yes’ movement.

Then do the same for a question that you know to be false so that you have your ‘No’ movement identified.

Next time you want to receive a simple Yes or No answer to a question, consult your pendulum as you did above.

Make sure you care for your pendulum and approach the consultation process with respect, otherwise your answers will tend to be idle and confusing.


Crystal Pendulum Dimensions:

Size: 18*50mm
Weight: Approx 20g
Package: 1pc pendant + 1 chain (choose Clear Quartz or 5 Crystal chain)