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Psychic Empowerment for Everyone, Carl Llewellyn Weschcke & Joe H. Slate, Ph. D.

Psychic Empowerment for Everyone, Carl Llewellyn Weschcke & Joe H. Slate, Ph. D.

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Psychic Empowerment for Everyone: You have the power, learn how to use it

By Carl Llewellyn Weschcke & Joe H. Slate, Ph. D. 

Harness the vast power of your mind and unleash your psychic potential

Linking scientific study of psychic phenomena with practical applications, Psychic Empowerment for Everyone will help you develop your innate psychic powers and turn them into reliable skills.

Psychic Empowerment for Everyone will guide you through consciousness expanding meditations, provide yo with a seven-day empowerment plan, and employ laboratory proven techniques in dream work, self-hypnosis, aura viewing and other exciting areas so you can:

  • Communicate with your spirit guides
  • Navigate psychic planes
  • Explore the nature of consciousness
  • Achieve your goals
  • Enrich your relationships
  • Understand precognitive dreams
  • Uncover past life experiences
  • Prepare for the future

About the Authors

Carl Llewellyn Weschcke was the co-owner and chairman of Llewellyn Worldwide. He has been called 'the father of New Age' for his public sponsorship of metaphysical subjects. He was certified in clinical hypnosis and served as the 7th Past Grand Master Ordo Aurum Solis.

Joe H. Slate, Ph. D. is a licensed psychologist, professor emeritus of psychology at Athens State University, and founder of the International Parapsychology Research Institute. He has written nine books on a variety of paranormal subjects.

ISBN: 9780738718934
Publish Date: Jan 1 2010