Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp, 1.5kg-2kg

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp, 1.5kg-2kg

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Improve the air quality in your home and create a calm, relaxed environment

Himalayan Salt Lamps are Mother Nature's ioniser; they increase the count of negative ions in the air to remove pollutants such  as dust, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, mould, smoke, odours and allergens. 

Salt lamps also naturally dehumidify a room, making it a must-have for spaces prone to damp and mildew.

In the bedroom a Himalayan salt lamp will help improve the quality of sleep (keep it on during the day to clean the air and switch it off before sleep), plus the soft, warm glow of the lamp also makes it a great nightlight for youngsters


  • Genuine Himalayan Salt Lamp made in Pakistan
  • Hand carved to retain the natural crystal shape
  • Comes with Australian standard cord
  • Weight between 1.5 - 2kg
  • Height approx 18cm