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Crystal Angel Figurines
Crystal Angel Figurines
Crystal Angel Figurines

Crystal Angel Figurines

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Your Guardian Angel is always with you

This beautiful figurine carved from natural crystal stone will remind you that your Guardian Angel is always there.

Handcrafted from your choice of either Rose Quartz or Opalite. 

Ideas for using your Crystal Guardian Angel:

1. Carry around with you in your pocket or handbag.

2. Give as a loving gift to someone.

3. Place in your car to help guide & protect on journeys. 

4. Place in a child's room to make them feel safe & secure knowing that their Angel is close by.

5. Hold in your palm for stress reduction.

6. Display on your desk or countertop as a lovely angel ornament or lucky charm. 

7. Give as a Christmas Gift or Stocking Filler.


Please note:  

  • Please allow for slight variation in colour and sizings as these figurines are hand made from crystal stone.