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Crystal Chakra Stone Set 7 Colours Tumbled Crystals
Crystal Chakra Stone Set 7 Colours Tumbled Crystals

Crystal Chakra Stone Set 7 Colours Tumbled Crystals

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Chakra stone set of excellent quality and value featuring all seven chakra colours

These seven gemstones have been selected for their individual properties and alignment to the seven chakras.

Root Chakra (Survival) - Red Jasper 
Sacral Chakra (Sexuality) - Carnelian 
Solar Plexus Chakra (Power) - Tiger Eye 
Heart Charka (Love) - Green Aventurine 
Throat Chakra (Communication) - Lapis Lazuli 
Third Eye Chakra (Intuition) - Amethyst 
Crown Chakra (Spirituality) - Clear Quartz

Set Inclusions

  • Seven tumbled crystals
  • Mini chakra / crystal guide chart
  • Carry pouch

Available Sizes:

  • Large Set (weighs approx 120g)
  • Medium Set (weighs approx 80g)
  • Small Set (weighs approx 60g)

Please expect a slight variation in colours and weight as these are natural products.

What are Chakras?

Chakras are energy points aligned from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Each chakra corresponds with a physical, emotional and spiritual state of being. When these chakra points are out of balance, one experiences discomfort within these energy points which can manifest outwardly in our physical experience.

How to use these chakra stone kits

The stones can be used by an individual or energy healer / reiki practitioner to balance the chakras and enhance chakra healing. To use them, either:
  • place the crystal on its corresponding chakra point on the body used to balance the Chakras and enhance Chakra healing
  • hold them in your hand whilst meditating
  • carry them with in your pocket or bag during the day.