Amethyst Crystal 4 Point Pyramid Energy Generator

Amethyst Crystal 4 Point Pyramid Energy Generator

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Beautiful quality. A real gem. 


Choose your crystal by the energy you would like to magnify:

  • Amethyst (Third Eye and Crown chakra, connects to higher self)

Treat yourself or a loved one to a quartz crystal pyramid energy generator - so called because the pyramid shape amplifies the power of the crystal and directs the energy to where it is needed. 

Crystal energy generators are a great choice for personal energy healing or environmental energy amplification.

    Use your Crystal Pyramid Energy Generator as a:

    • meditation tool
    • energy healing tool
    • chakra balancing tool
    • feng shui cure
    • mindful home or office decor
    • cool paperweight


    Specs of the Crystal Pyramid Energy Generator

    Natural Stone : Amethyst
    Plated: Platinum Plated Alloy
    Pyramid Size: Approx 30 x 27 x 26mm
    Prism Point Size :
    Approx 31 x 9 x 10mm
    Total Size:
    Approx 8.8 x 2.9 x 8.8mm
    Product Weight:
    Approx 34-39.6g


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