Candle Ritual to Attract Your Soulmate

How to attract your soulmate: a spiritual ritual that's been tried and tested

The candle ritual to attract your soulmate is not magic; we are not casting spells. 

What we are doing is working with the Law of Attraction to identify, picture and attract to us the person who is our Divine selection.

This exercise is called a ritual because there are certain steps to be undertaken and each is imperative to the outcome as detailed above.

What you need:

  • a candle (preferably pink to symbolise romantic love)
  • writing paper and a pen

Sit down comfortably where you will not be disturbed for half an hour or so. 

Try and have clear energy within yourself and within the space you are in.

If you feel mentally cluttered or burdened from the day, meditate or pray to clear your mind.

Let fresh air into the room or smudge your space with a sage to cleanse your space from any energy that is not useful to this exercise.

Now let’s start the ritual:

1. Place a pink candle in front of you. The colour pink represents romantic love.

2. You may like to pray or meditate for Divine guidance towards your highest good 

3. Light your candle

4. Take a few deep breaths and set your intention to manifest your soulmate (your Divine selection – the person so right for you that they seem to be God-given).

5. Write your letter to God (or The Universe, your Angels etc.) asking to grant you the “desire of your heart, your ideal love partner”.

6. List the attributes you would like this person to have. Be specific and remember nothing is too good to be true!

7. End the letter with “all this and even greater, I now accept, wholeheartedly and with love. Through God and with God, so may it be. And so it is.”

8. Read your letter out aloud with conviction.

9. Spend time feeling what it would be like to have your desire granted. Let your heart lead you, not your head.

10. Snuff the candle out when you are satisfied.

11. Say THANKYOU to the Universe for hearing you.

12. Put your letter away for safe keeping and get on with your life!

13. Be calm and remember the right love will come to you – at the perfect time and in the perfect way.

Note: It’s important to approach this exercise without desperation or anxiety. Be light in your approach. Have fun with the exercises but know that the Universal Law of Attraction is now working on your behalf.

A desperate approach attracts a match who desires a desperate approach; it will also drag out the amount of time to meet your match as without a doubt there will be a litany of mismatches along the way.