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Astral Projection for Beginners, Edian McCoy

Astral Projection for Beginners, Edian McCoy

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Astral Projection for Beginners

Six Techniques for Traveling to Other Realms

Astral Projection for a Beginners is an approachable how-to guide for the newcomer to astral travel. 

Perfect for beginners, this guide presents step-by-step instructions for effective astral travel techniques.

Using the techniques in this book, you can:

  • Travel to different times and eras
  • View your Akashic records, the astral record of each soul's past and future events
  • Visit with departed loved ones
  • Heal yourself and send healing energy to others
  • View past lives
  • Explore different astral worlds
  • Receive direction from your spirit guides

Astral Projection for Beginners was penned by Edain McCoy,  a well-known teacher and author on metaphysical topics with more than fifteen books published.