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Selenite Tower - Castle - 15cm

Selenite Tower - Castle - 15cm

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Selenite is a lovely cleansing crystal that also protects and heals

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Some of our #selenitetower crystals ­čśŐSelenite has a very fine vibration. In the tower format here it can aid judgment, clarity and insight - the go to #crystal if you need to make tough decisions (keep one on your desk!) Dissolves in water so we keep them wrapped in plastic until they find their new home. . . For more practices and products for self-empowerment, check us out at, your online haven for mindful living . . . #inspire #empower #lightandgoodvibes #goodvibesonly #positivevibes #inspirational #spiritual #optimism #positivity #aromatherapy #lightworker #acim #gratitude #mindfulness #sacredspace #bohemianlife #meditation #sharethelight #baskinginlight #miracles #faith #joy #spirituallifestyle

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In the tower (aka castle) format here, Selenite represents strength and clarity, making it ideal for placement in your work space or where tough decisions sometimes have to be made.

There are lots of other ways you can use your selenite tower too, such as:

  • Grid your meditation space with one in each corner to protect against outside energy
  • Place in a space that has been energetically cleared to maintain the vibration
  • Place one in each corner of a room to seal it with protective energy
  • Place in your sacred space or altar to keep it energetically clean
  • Lovely mindful decorative item
  • Put on a dresser to hold bracelets, necklaces etc. (bonus: will energetically clean them for you too)

Size: Approx 15cm height