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Sodalite Bonsai Gem Tree on Amethyst Cluster Base

Sodalite Bonsai Gem Tree on Amethyst Cluster Base

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Sodalite correlates to the throat chakra. It is a stone of truth and clarity which stimulates the pineal gland and helps deepen meditation.

This lovely sodalite bonsai tree features 42 polished sodalite pieces on a pale amethyst cluster base.  

Sodalite is an excellent choice for working with intellect and the mind and can also enhance self-esteem. From an environmental perspective Sodalite is also useful for clearing electromagnetic pollution - place near a computer, television etc. for protection against EMF.

Each crystal bonsai gem tree is handmade and unique, please allow slight variations to appearance and specifications.


Weight: Approx 170grams

Height: Approx 12cm

Base: Approx 7cm x 4cm